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Disc breaker

The compactors of the series KP they are a special combination of farm implements for ground preparation before the sowing. The robust frame with the solid carrying arms it is the guarantee of the best stability.
The massive three-points attachment it is furnished with a copying unit for the perfect levelling of the ground. The fully flexible and spring mounted clod-crusher justifies the rough ridge and all the disparities.
The small crumble-rollers together with the row of irrigators crush and crumble the mould and at the same time it is compressing the ground surface to provide the capillary attraction what improves the seeds germination.
The prime working part it is created by four rows of spring shares with a sufficient spacing on a separate flexible frame.

Disc breaker

Type of the machine
Working engagement
Weight Tractor
The frame on the whole - KP 2,5 2,5 m 870 kg 40 - 65 kW
The frame on the whole - KP 2,7 2,7 m 910 kg 45 - 70 kW
The frame on the whole - KP 3 3 m 990 kg 50 - 80 kW

The frame on the whole - KP 4,5

4,5 m 1100 kg 85 - 120 kW



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