The spring-tiller is intended for the square cultivation, for the ground preparation before and after the seed, in particular for the tilling, for the preparation of the bed before the seed and for the aeration of the mould with the conjoined crushing of the clods and grading land.

The spring-tiller is furnished with four ranks of springs, which are placed in the diagonals. This provides a very good permeability also in very weedy overgrowth and allows very good results without jamming of the tiller.


Harrow parts carrier

The machine is intended for irrigation, settling of the surface, tilling of the ground, for the ground preparation before and after the sowing, for weed killing and for aerating of the plough-land.

The machine is delivered in five types (without the harrow parts):
• the types of 4 m and 5 m are without the folding hydraulic unit, the sidelong arms must be manually folded
• the types 6m, 7m and 9m are furnished with the hydraulic unit for folding of the sidelong arms

The machine is intended for harrow parts with weight up to 34 kg only.


Mounted clod-crusher

Smyk je určen pro zemědělce na předseťovou přípravu půdy, srovnávání nerovností, drcení hrud.
Smyk je vybaven speciálním zařízením umožňujícím stálé kopírování terénu, vysoce kvalitní srovnávání a povrchovou úpravu půdy.


Disc breaker

The compactors of the series KP they are a special combination of farm implements for ground preparation before the sowing. The robust frame with the solid carrying arms it is the guarantee of the best stability.
The massive three-points attachment it is furnished with a copying unit for the perfect levelling of the ground. The fully flexible and spring mounted clod-crusher justifies the rough ridge and all the disparities.



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