Disc breaker PPJ

The disc breaker is intended for a rapid and superior stubble ploughing, for getting the vegetative oddments into the ground and for ground preparation before the sowing.
As the groundwork of the machine serves a robust frame with a sidelong-adjustable pole, what is hitched up into the lower arms of the tractor. For the rolling of the machine serves a massive axletree operated by a hydraulic unit.
Two rows of big discs of Ø 660 mm - the frontal are fanged, the rear are plain - enable easy penetrability of the vegetative oddments and of the ground and the perfect tilling and mixing up.
The massive shafts made from the spring steel are supported on robust bearings.
The machine can be completed with vigorous bar irrigators; they provide an equable spreading of the vegetative oddments and compressing the ground surface.

Type of the machine Working engagement Weight Tractor
PPJ 3 3 m 2150 90 -120 kW
PPJ 2,7 2,7 m 2040 90 -120 kW
PPJ 2,5 2,5 m 1920 80 - 100 kW
NPJ 2 2 m 620 70 - 80 kW
NPJ 1,8 1,8 m 560 60 - 70 kW

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